Educational visits with Chris & Bongi

Here's a little something....

At the Earth's Call Foundation, we believe that in order to change the future, we have to start with the children and education is the key. Our COO, Chris Daniel, takes this to heart. He is the author of Bongi's Quest and the illustrations by Jo Daniel.

During a recent educational visit with certain schools, and in association with Rotary Club in White River. Chris and his team went about educating the Camp Quality Children on sustainable tourism and the inside scoop behind what is fueling the rhino poaching epidemic. By informing the younger generations about the plight of the Rhino's, we hope to achieve a sustainable future where all generations work together to save our planet.
The children were mesmerised and enjoyed the day with Chris and left with a different viewpoint of the plight of our precious Rhino's.
Each child had been gifted a copy of Bongi's Quest.
Bongi's Quest is about a young rhino that goes on a voyage of discovery. This is to figure out why someone or something has killed his uncle and taken his horn. The story buries Bongi and the plight of the rhino into children's hearts, in the hopes of empowering the next generation to right our wrongs of our ways into the future!